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Accounting that a majority of property owners here in the South routinely experience surges overgrowth throughout their parcels, it’s crucial to enlist the services of a trusted professional to affect and removal, disposal, or clearing of your fauna. Often our expertise is recruited after an overly-ambitious homeowner decided to tackle a large scale project head-on without the proper appreciation for exactly just how much work and effort is required to trim, clear, level, and clean a lot of land; especially in the great state of Georgia, where the trees are tall and their roots are deep!

Foliage Removal

The constant battle against the elements, be it a weather related foray or an eternal skirmish against organic armies, it can prove to be tiresome for even the sturdiest of property owners. With the latest and greatest as far as equipment and extraction techniques are concerned conveniently at our disposal, you can rest assured that even the densest of greenery is poses no obstacle to our experienced professionals.

General Grading

Typically once a lot or parcel of land has been cleared of debris, a client has the option to actually cultivate the land into something useful or economical for their property. For example, if a client has cleared a decent section of their property and they are interested in converting it into a produce garden, then properly grading the land to promote consistent growth and adequate drainage is paramount.

Stump Grinding

A common misconception is that once a tree has been felled, that the hard part of the project is completed. Unfortunately, this is not the case because the stump and root system is still attached and in need of removal. That’s where the experts at Onsite Brush Mulching LLC come in! Being locally owned and operated, we’ve had the good fortune of being well acquainted with the terrain and have years of experience with removing even the most entrenched root systems in the Loganville, GA.

Lot Clearing

While our lot clearing services are sometimes mistaken for our foliage removal services, they are in fact, inherently different. With our foliage removal, we typically refrain from removing any detritus that is not organic. However with our overall “lot clearing” coverage, we are not restricted to solely removing trees, stumps, bushes, shrubs, or flora; instead, we can cover building materials, excess structure composites, and anything in between!


Considering a very large percentage of our service recruitment is spent assisting the new construction or “new build” sector, it is often necessary for our crews to complete the trailbreaking process so all the crews working on the property have safe and easy access to the site. Regardless of the grade of the incline, the obstructions littering the trail, or the length of which the trail needs to be spearheaded, our crews and equipment are the best in the business and have been for decades.

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